21st Birthday Cakes

21st birthday cakes in Brisbane for guys and girls are designed to suit your occasion – see the designs below. Even if the design you like has another age on it, you can have it for your 21st. Cake designs can be tweaked in size, colour, design style and embellishments. Cakes can be ordered for delivery to Brisbane north side, Brisbane south side and other areas in Brisbane. Please contact me to discuss your order.

All my cake designs are original, designed and decorated by me. Because I focus on my own cake designs I do not copy other peoples cakes.

For information about prices and ordering please read the Info page.



Stunning gold and white 21st birthday cake featuring martini glasses embellished with gold, diamante trim and diamante number 21, poppers and wire twirls, gold inlay-effect swirls and modern blossoms set on double fondant covered boards (with white inscription on gold board).



Two-tier cake featuring large hand made vintage blossoms and modern upturned ruffle on ivory fondant, set on pale pink fondant covered board. Flowers , leaves and ruffle all hand made from sugar paste and are 100% edible (except flower stamens).


birthday cake brisbane

Birthday cake with (optional) inscription on plaque surrounded by mixed pink blossoms, set on pale pink fondant-covered board finished with diamante ribbon. Also shown are blue, yellow, and pastel blue/pink colourways.



Single tier cake featuring two-toned pastel frangipanis with white polka dot flowers and diamante-studded butterflies. Set on diamante-studded fondant covered board with ribbon trim.



21st birthday cake featuring black, white and silver sugar paste stripes, hand-made musical symbols and dimensional sugar paste number 21 for centre piece. Set on double fondant-covered boards with inscription.



21st birthday cake (also suitable as a wedding cake) featuring pink fondant side with scribble effect, pink hand-made sugar paste roses, and diamante #21. Set on fondant covered board also featuring scribble effect decoration.



Two-tier birthday cake, round on square, featuring freestanding name and age, birthday inscription, and decorative discs (all hand made), finished with black ribbon on a fondant covered board.



White 21st birthday cake on pastel yellow fondant covered board featuring name inscription. Includes pastel blue, pink and yellow hand-made sugar paste roses and butterflies, and 21 with embedded diamantes. Also shown in different colourways. Discuss your preferred colours with Andrea.



Exquisite edible hand-made lace on royal red background featuring trio of matching lace covered roses on white fondant cake. Set on fondant covered board with ribbon trim.



Striking black swirl inlay-effect 21st birthday cake featuring yellow flower highlights, diamante 21, and matching flowers on stems. Set on double fondant covered boards with embedded diamantes and embellished with diamante ribbon trim. Also shown is a variation in blue.



Elegant pink and ivory 21st birthday cake featuring hand-made sugar paste ballet slippers and ribbon, blossoms and freehand wave work, accompanied by diamante tiara and pearl hairpiece (provided by client). Set on a fondant covered board with another pair of ballet slippers, blossoms and name inscription.



Charming 18th birthday cake featuring handmade name inscription with diamante trim in custom scroll frame, with mixed blossoms and diamante encrusted butterflies in shades of purple and silver and white on white fondant. Finished with diamante #18 and diamante and fondant ribbon, set on double fondant covered boards.



Male birthday cake featuring black, silver and white striped sugar paste panels with ‘exploding’ stars and studs. Finished with sugar paste twirls, confetti, and inscription on fondant covered board. Also shown are blue and red colourways.



21st birthday cake ‘Tropical Delight’ featuring frosted cake with multi-coloured frangipani’s on oversize fondant-covered board.



A cute frosted birthday cake in black and white theme featuring sugar paste evening bag and silver/black high-heel shoes (100% hand-made from sugar paste), both sparkling with diamante trim, with stylised black and white and mauve-toned blossoms. Set on a black fondant-covered board with inscription.



Birthday cake featuring alternating coloured fondant stripes, topped with a mass of delicate five-petal flowers with roses in centre. Includes hand-made sugar paste inscription name plaque on top and inscription and scattered blossoms on double fondant-covered boards.



This stunning birthday cake features hot pink sugar paste shoes (hand-made) with diamante trim, hand-made diamante-set 21, with inlay-effect swirls accompanied by funky hand-made stylised flowers. Set on fondant board with inscription. Also shown in purple and red colourways.



Birthday cake featuring white freehand wave work on purple fondant background, with mixed hand-made sugar paste blossoms and diamante-back butterflies. Set on purple fondant covered board with name inscription and diamantes.



Birthday cake featuring floral arrangement bursting from open window-faced greeting card on matching fondant discs. All flowers, butterflies and greeting card hand-made from sugar paste. A fondant inscription may be placed on the inside of the greeting card (just like a real card).



Two-tier white cake featuring freehand wave work with blue hand-made butterflies and blossoms set on fondant covered board.



Delightful 21st birthday cake featuring inlay-effect swirls and two-tone stylised flowers. Black and white theme includes diamante 21, diamantes around base and embedded in fondant covered board with inscription. Shown in alternate colourways, ask about your preferred colours.



Blue, silver, black colour variation on this popular 21st birthday cake with ‘exploding’ stars and studs. Finished with sugar paste twirls, confetti and inscription on double fondant covered board. (The coloured panels are hand-made from sugar paste and are 100% edible.)



Distinctive 21st birthday cake featuring scalloped disc design in black, white and shades of orange, with name plaque, party twirls and themed #21 poppers. Set on fondant covered board with scattered sugar paste confetti. (All decorations except wires are edible.)



40th birthday cake featuring hand-made sugar paste shoes and number 40 with diamantes. Design flows across cake with inlay-effect swirls, diamante butterflies and modern stylised flowers, on double fondant covered boards with inscription.



18th birthday cake featuring martini glasses with diamante highlights, party swirls, diamante-studded sugar paste #18 and hand-made mini roses. Pink fondant cake on white fondant covered board with inscription, finished with diamante trim.



21st birthday cake featuring precise scalloped design in blue, silver, white and black, with name plaque, twirls and themed #21 poppers. Set on silver fondant board with matching colour base board, and scattered sugar paste confetti. (All decorations except wires are edible.)



Mysterious black and white masquerade mask (yes, the mask is edible, except the diamantes, because it is entirely hand-made from sugar paste) with diamante trim, accompanied by pink roses and mini masks, on white fondant cake. Offset on black fondant covered board featuring white scribble effect design, finished with black ribbon.



21st birthday cake featuring bold Moroccan style motif in black and silver, with inscription plaques and party twirls on top. Set on fondant covered board with scattered sugar paste stars.



White frosted 21st birthday cake on pink fondant-covered board featuring hand-made sugar paste shoes, blossoms and scrolled dimensional inscription plaque on top. Finished with fondant ribbon and hand-made sugar paste lacework.



Elegant 21st cake featuring lemon yellow oversized bow (sugar paste) and hand-made roses with inscription on diamante-set plaque and diamante number 21 on a diamante-studded fondant covered board.



18th birthday cake featuring white inscription on white fondant, with purple hand-made butterflies with diamante studded bodies and board.


21st birthday cake brisbane

21st birthday cake featuring red hand-made roses with red and gold diamante-backed butterflies and inscription. Set on fondant covered board.



Special occasion cake featuring red roses and butterflies on fondant covered board, finished with red ribbon, diamante embellishments and wedding anniversary inscription.



Two-tier celebration cake featuring blue applique with diamantes and hand-made rose buds. Also shown in pink colourway.



50th birthday cake for a male featuring black and white brickwork pattern and inscription on white fondant cake, set on fondant covered board. Finished with fondant edging and exploding stars (all decorations and inscription panels handmade from sugar paste).



Special occasion cake for men featuring marble-effect fondant, stripes, name on plaque and shooting stars, with inscription on fondant-covered board. (All decorations are hand made from sugar paste)



Delicate anniversary cake and matching cupcakes featuring hand-made pastel toned icing sugar roses on white fondant, floral embellishments and inscription on fondant-covered board.



21st birthday cake for guys featuring hand-made sugar paste tuxedo, bow tie, cufflinks and filled martini glasses with star and #21 poppers. Set on double fondant covered boards with sugar paste confetti and swirl inlay-effect motif. (Yes, the cufflinks, bow tie, tuxedo, and most other decorations, are 100% edible.)



90th birthday cake featuring hand-made pink roses and scattered blossoms with white lace work (100% edible, made from sugar paste) and inscription on pink fondant covered board.



21st birthday cake featuring makeup items, #21 and flowers entirely hand-made from sugar paste. Finished with diamante trim and inscription on double fondant covered boards.



Two-tier red 40th birthday cake featuring hand-made sugar paste shoes, black inlay-effect swirls, butterflies and stylised flowers, with diamante trim on double fondant covered boards.



Retro-style birthday cake covered with hand-made blossoms, scattered cashous, and topped with roses on frosted cake.



Classical frosted celebration cake featuring hand-made flowers and gold butterflies, cachous, and inscription on top.



Pink roses and yellow carnations on a white fondant heart-shaped cake, embellished with polka dot flowers and hearts, set on a fondant covered board with inscription.



21st birthday cake with pink frosting, featuring hand-made yellow roses and inscription. Finished with scattered cashous and matching ribbon.



Vintage-inspired frosted cake featuring hand made sugar paste lacework, white and blue blossoms and inscription on dimensional sugar paste plaque. Set on fondant covered board with name inscription and scattered blossoms. All decorations are edible. Also shown in pink colourway.



Birthday cake featuring purple fondant with scattered pink flowers, butterflies, and name plaque, on a fondant covered board.



Two-tier soft pink celebration cake featuring ribbon ruffles in various shades of pink, with selected gold-edged ruffles and assorted mini blossoms, set on pale pink fondant covered board.



Stylish 21st birthday cake featuring filled martini glasses, swirl inlay-effect motif, stars and #21 poppers, diamante trim and extra bling with exquisite mini roses. Set on double fondant covered boards.



Glamourous 21st birthday cake featuring filled martini glasses, stylised blossoms, swirl-effect motif, diamante highlights, tiny star and 21 poppers and hand-made sugar paste #21 with diamante’s. Finished with inscription on double fondant-covered boards.



Whimsical pastel bouquet with twirls and butterflies, including inscription on purple fondant board.



Pale green fondant striped 2-tiered birthday cake on double fondant covered boards with primroses and inscription.



21st birthday cake featuring hand made #21 and studded poppers on plinth, with classic Moroccan motif on fondant covered board and around the plinth. Side of cake is wrapped in fondant stripes slightly protruding over the top.



2-tier birthday cake for men featuring hand-made icing sugar tuxedo, bow tie, cufflinks, filled martini glasses, inlay-effect swirls and #50 poppers. The white fondant cake is set on double fondant-covered boards in black and red, with happy birthday inscription.



Unique black swirl inlay-effect birthday cake. Designed with precision to be a centre piece for your occasion.



Heart shape cake with white fondant and red lace-up bodice (black lace) finished with roses on a heart-shaped plaque and inscription on a fondant covered board.



Two-tier 45th birthday cake featuring inlay-effect swirls and stylised flowers on red fondant, with diamante number 45 and ribbon. Inscription and scattered decorations on double fondant covered boards.



Guys birthday cake featuring multi-coloured hand-cut geometric sugar paste shapes arranged on fondant covered cake, with hand-made number and inscription on contrasting discs. Set on extra wide fondant covered board. All cake decorations are made from sugar paste and are edible. Colours can be adjusted to suit your preferences.


Also available are designs for 18th birthday cakes. For more cake designs in Brisbane see the Designer Cakes page.